Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well it looks like my PS-3 is all washed up.

I couldn't turn it off last night, or turn it on. Not a good sign. I ended up unpluging it and then re-pluging it in: then it seemed to work, till it died all by itself. Boo Hoo.  Whats a poor boy to do?  I have several PS-3 games and they won't work on a PS-4. Not that I've played them in ages, but still....
Today is make out grocery list day. YAY. tomorrow is getting yum yums for a person who is losing weight. Yay, boo hoo!  I like potato chips.  I like Seaform.  You can't lose weight by eating the "important food groups". you know, sugar, greasea and salt . whats a poor boy to do. ( i used that line already, didn't i?).
But, actually, I'm just bitching. Everything is going great. If I didn't wear a belt, my pants would far down. YAY. My shirts are big enough to camp in. But the Sony PS-3 still is questionable. Why am i so concerned about a video game consol?  Because i use it instead of taking analgesics’ . sure, its not the same thing, or does it have the same effect, but it helps.  Thats all that matters to me.
ok, time to make a list.
I'm off

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