Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Tuesday??

Well, it is.  My cell phone is finally working like it normally is. something went hairwire with it. I couldn't make a phone call yesterday, then it cleared up.  technology is wonderful, isn't it.  while it works, that is.
so today i have to finish up the newsletter and start with some graphics. yay. Being creative isn't all fun and games. it's hard work and time consuming. boy is it ever time consuming!
Now the question of the day: how come you can only purchase SkyRim for the PS-4, from a third party, and not Beathesda software??  Did they sell out their sales department?
oh well. I reinstalled skyrim after formatin the ps-3. works a lot better.
ok, time to get to work. i really slept in today. but i needed it too.  I mean, the cat and i needed it.
I'm off

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