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"A Great Saturday night!"

I just watched a Pay-for-view movie, called " Returner". A Japanese subtitled sci-fi flick. It was great!!
So, now I'm go to get cozy up with my pooch, who is really, really old and watch either Bubblegum crisis 2040 or 3X3. Haven't made my mind up. It is supposed to start raining so I'll have to find a way to catch the water. Oh, I forgot to mention that my roof leaks. It rains on my bed!
Another thing, all of my supposed "Best" friends....aren't..
Now thats sad. Just when I thought it was safe to trust people, I get screwed. It seems if one stands up for what one believes in, they'll more often than not, stand alone.
Well good gosh, whats a poor boy to do??? Sell his soul to make a few people happy?? F#$> that!
I sleep at night very good. Thank you very much. Lonely, but very well.
People sure are funny....They know the difference between right and wrong, but choose to pretend not to know the difference. sigh... I love these folks too, but......
Next doggy is getting senile and they have new drugs to help him out.

Oh, notice the Icon thingie... RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON.
If you really want to see some really great old old films, on dvd, go to
what a kick.

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