Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

and i did sleep too....

the furnace woke me up. it got below 60 degrees last night!  felt good too. Now today is TGIF. YAY. The weekend is fast approaching us. and then....maybe the final clean up in the back yard? or not. Today is terrible grocery day and club meeting night. Then dinner. ah.....what a life i live.  It's really enjoyable and loveable at the same time. Except for scare cat from thunder and oodles of rain hitting the windows. actually, its been a very productive week. I got an estimate on removing the old bath tub and installing a new one with a shower ( and paneling three walls). had my neighbor help me clean out the kitchen cabinet and carry it out to the curb. and of course, two packed yard waste carts. it's been a fun packed week. Did i mention how i tripped and fell down? well i did. But a  lot got done. Yay.
I'm off

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