Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Too Hair cut, or not to Hair cut" that is the question.

and on a humid August day too.  I think clip clip is in order. we're supposed to have rain over the next 2 days. HA HA HA. Thats a good one.
Well, we took back the doggie basket yesterday to the ups pick up point. I got licked all over my face by the doggie. She seems to like me. And Scooter the cat doesn't seem to mind?
Rolled out the 2 yard waste carts to the curb.Boy, are they heavy or what. But, it looks like we're just about finished with it. Maybe. lots of little pickups to do. That takes time.
I also have been researching computer parts: my old ( 11 years) Thor desktop started acting up in not a pleasent way.  11 years is about the most I can get out of a desktop.  The next one is going to have DDR4 and a brand new zybran AMD processor: 7 cores. Now i need that about like i need 3 more cats and dogs.
oh well.
Enjoy August.
I'm off

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