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"Success....destroyed another computer...yeah!"

Gosh, am I getting good or what. Today, my pal called me up and told me his daughter was trying to install broadband, from comcast. Yippie skippie!!
Found out, the installer didn't even stay to see if it worked or not. It didn't. It kept crashing right after the load up splash screen for compaq splashed. Turned out, it was something to do with the computer bios: A compaq Presario 7478. We ened up not being able to fdisk the hard drive, or even find out how to go about doing that. It would always lock up just before you can get to the desk top.
After 4 hours, we pronounced the "puter" dead. Long live Intel.
So, we counted our pennies, thinking maybe we both could contribute to buying her and her family a new Dell ( they're only about $450.00 or so). Didn't have to. She stopped by her dads and saw his, and promptly ordered one herself. what a woman.

So, now all is ok.
I send the 250 gig hard drive back. I hope I never have to see another overlay in my life again.( fat chance)
I hate Mondays..........especially when they're on Tuesday,,,Tuesday afternoon...

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