Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I just hired Master Rossi to teach me how to walk

over a 2 foot hight fence!  Yes, I fell trying to walk over this mountain of a fence, and my left foot hooked the dumb thing. so i went down on my left knee. NO real damage to me, but the fence needs mending.
Otherwise, i had a great day and ended it by playing with sophia the little 6 month old puppy. I wish i had that much energy!  Then i did the most enjoyable thing possible: i made out my grocery list.
and lets not forget,  "ITS SEAWASP"S BIrthday" Today.  he turns about 33 or so. WIshing him all the best. He's a professional writter friend of mine.  Keep going.
Ok, I'm off

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