Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

10:35AM and its as dark as night; with thunder too.

we're about to have a summer storm..  Did more clean up yard work yesterday. sawed branches down so they would fit in the yard waste cart. I have two filled for tomorrow, thanks to my industrious neighbor. man, when she gaves going, look out!
Got my first look at a FM AM HD tunner. Most of the radio stations have more than one channel with music, but they don't advertise it??? helped a pal out by getting him on the HF air. another pal helped him tune up the rig. "I have treasures beyond measure!"
Thank you God.
So today i wait till the thunder and wind die down and move the carts out. Yay us.
ok, I'm going to have to turn on the lights: its that dark now!
I'm off

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