Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

so here we are. dirty, tired and muscles aching...

My tree trimming service was busy yesterday: M & S & S.  Michele, Sophia and Scooter. M did all the work, while Sophia did the barking duties and Scooter the cat suppervised while naping.  I just got tired mowing the dandilion weeds. Man, they sure grow fast. today is the first day i had morning sun pour into the kitchen window. ah.....  lot more work to do, but rest is needed.
all in all. a great deal of needed work got done. and the weather pattern has changed again: lower temps and much lower humidity. YAY. slept like a baby last night and didn't get up till 9: 45 AM. YAY.
Now thats how Sunday mornings are suppose to be.
ah. lets all enjoy our Sunday together: lets all take a nap this PM.
I'm off
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