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We had another dinner date with my neighbor: this time, "FAT BOYS". They do good grill cooking.  and then, to make the evening complete, we had a soft, cool rain. oh the aroma of spring rain in summer and freshly mowed lawn.  To celebrate, I thought I'd watch  a nice family entertainment movie. So I watched "The Hateful Eight" followed by Dejango Unchained. Great family flicks.  Showtime was open yesterday till the "L-Word" series came on. Oh, and lets not forget the family favorite, "Godzilla, everything". El Ray network was showing 24 hours of Godzilla. I thought i was in heaven..... So now we're back to "Non-Godzilla" Monday. it's not fair!!
OH, and I spent most of yesterday re-installing "Windows 10"  This is the last time i'm going to do that. Window 7 worked just find.
ok, Have a happy 4th of july.......
I'm off