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So here we are, at the top of Summer.

the few remaining days of June. Then comes NOVEMBER????
ok, I'm jumping the gun. ( but secretarly, I'm still making out a Christmas list).  I feel good, even with the arthritis acting up big time, I mowed the dandelions. Ha ha ha ha or, LOL. and raked everything. felt good. now.....trim that stupid tree, but that will have to wait till i feel better. ( good excuse as any).
So my pals called and stopped by last night. we talked about cholesteroid with one and the other coming up with scemes to move up levels in "Skyrim". i'm at 55 or so.  kind of stuck right  now. But working on it.
So will have "Blue Monday" on Thursday. ????
Ok. I'm off


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Jul. 1st, 2017 02:21 pm (UTC)
I have oodles of 386 machine games, but they won't
work on ps-3 or windows 7 sigh. I usually pick to be a nord and always, and I mean always, a female. They kick butt. the males seem whimpy for some reason.
I'm thinking of getting "Fallout 4 " for the ps-4. maybe.
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