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and nothing i could do, eased it. nothing. so what did i do you ask?  why, ike Maslow suggested, " experience a value and suffer". that was kind of hard to do, but it did ease up. but not till we got up at 6:34AM. yuck!  Great news: I am now at a weight I haven't been since 15 years ago or so. YAY. and to celebrate, I'm going to try Korean Sweet chilli. It looks good.  Of course, being half asleep, i have to roll out the two carts today. I really feel like doing that. and now, my pals kid wants to get a PS-4. I asked him why and what game(s) would be play on it.  I got my PS-3 just for "Skyrim".  it was well worth it.
So now is coming "THE BIG 4TH of JULY WEEKEND", on Tuesday????
but no firecrackers for me. I may re-read " Pickles", or Lu Ann.
ok, I'm off