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Well, so much for the lab test.

i had to fast for 12 hours. I fasted for 19 hours.  I was sure he said almost 24 hours. but no. so my diet is really happy today.  my arms are not so lucky.  The lab technician couldn't find a workable vein. so, she jabbed me several times. I now know how a dart board feels!  but, she then switched from my left arm to my right, and presto, found a live vein right off the bat. YAY. so after all that, i inquired  how many vials of blood they would need for a metabolic panel: ONE. ok. all this because my Dr. thinks my Cholesterol may be high. it hasn't been: it's always right where it should be. but better safe than sorry. so, for the last week of June, ( the time is flying,isn't it!) I'm thinking of mowing the lawn and taking care of some other things that should have been taken care of last month.  See, I'm a real shacker and mover!
Ok, I'm off