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Yesterday was stupid Wednesday. I mowed the backyard, in 90 degree heat. I also trimmed a whole bunch of limbs and branches. Then racked part of the back yard. I was fading fast. Got all three carts out to the curb and now am waiting for the "BIG TIP".
My neighbor was kind enough to take me up to kingmens to get work gloves: I've been using my brothers, but they are about 25 years old, and have falled apart. so.....i got a new pair of spaceman gloves. or thats what they look and feel like. Neon colored gloves??
They worked. but are hard to pull on.
So we got rain last night. about 3 teaspoons of it.
But not to waste a good night, I worked on the newsletter. It's all coming back to me.  it's fun to do for others.
well, i hope you all found a way to stay cool. drink plenty of water. your body will love you for it.
I'm off