Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

it's roll out the carts day.

and its still 90 degrees outside and 74 degrees at 3AM!   I think 73 degrees, low humidity and a little breeze would be lovely.   and, for the first time this year, i will have to sprinkle the lawn. either that, of pretend I'm growing hay in yard.  Two weeks ago, I mowed it, lush green, now, hay yellow. yuck.
I do feel sorry for those folks who do not have a porch to sit on. from early in the morning, skip the hottest part of the day, and just around sun set time, ah......those are the magic moments.
Now if only i could ride a Bicycle and ride through the sprinklers!!
ok, time to roll out the carts. yuck. it's too hot to do that today. 10:18AM and its already 88.
oh well.
ok, I'm off

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