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sweating time

and also mowing the back yard time. yuck. I was thinking it would be nice to get all my house cleaning done. YAY. ( dreams are possible).
Now yesterday, to help me get in the mood, i pushed a wheelbarrow full of wood chips for my neighbor, who appeared to be killing herself trying to get everything done in one day. Not possible.
So i gave her a hand. she was going to pay a dude $10.00 to help her, but i simply did it. Then, to show my appreciation, I took her out for lunch. ?????  "Dont say it.   But it was fun. I haven't had chicken McNuckets in about a whole year. everything at mcdonalds seem to have gotten smaller, except the price. Hmmmm
So, today, being grocery day, I'll make up for it.  The cat is on the grocery list too. food, litter and bottled water. Yes, bottled water. He loves is. ok.  I wish i could get that excited about opening up a bottle of Michigan water.
ok, I'm off