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Yeah.....Monday come and go.....

Oh, what a terrific day it was. First, I printed 980 pages for the club I do not want to belong to???? Then I went to sleep only to wake up and feel more tired than I was when I went to sleep. I collated the stupid newsletter, stapled it, then folded it and stapled it once again. Yeah for me. Now, the guy who is taking all the credit for this, is too busy to come over, and pick them up and put stamps on them and mail them. Yeahs...It's true....theres one born every minute..
Our clubs new president, who doesn't know who to believe or trust, appoints me to contact this person, who isn't very nice, to say the least. I write him, and then edit out all the swear words. The letter drops to only half a page from the 3 it was before I edited it!
I then ordered "Secrets of Adobe Photoshop 5.5", which is the only version I have. Its from Michigan State U..My brother orders " How to fix nearly every damn thing there is". I kid you not. Of course, I pay for it..?????
But, hey, he's my only family, my only brother. and he could be worse. As it is, he's one of those people who go to college and get on the deans list, every single term hes in college.
yeahs...Monday is over with.... Thank God!

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