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SO, here we are, the begining of Memorial Weekend. Wow, the months sure are flying by us.
I already have started a christmas list. "do you want a copy?" I remember when our club used to do "Operation Care Coffee Stop". it was fun to provide free coffee and snacks to the traveling motorists. What a rush meeting all the different people. I miss that. I do not, however, miss 40 degree weather and blowing cold rain.  24 hours of that goes a long long way.
From that public service to having "Build your burger" to "Barrito" night , sure changed a lot of things.  We still met a lot of people, but it was all insided a nice, warm, dry building. Yay us.
Due to extream differences in personalitys, I am no longer associated with that group.
What was the extream differences?  I miss most of them, not one of them has called me in over 3 years.
so it goes.
But, thats a lesson to learn in life. Everything is dynamic, nothing is static.
so, enjoy the LONG LONG weekend but be safe.
I'm off