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i can make a wish. thats the ticket!
it's happy Wednesday. just a nice early summer day. the sun sets at around 9:06 PM and that won't last for ever. in fact it will go the other way in 3 weeks. so we're back to Chrisitmas count down.
Sir Roger Moore passed away. R.I.P.  so sad to see all the people who were a part of my growing up leaving us.  But this is life.  As the Japanese say, " I'll go on ahead".  I like that saying.
I started brushing scooter the cat. WOW!  I didn't realize hs was shedding so much. tonight will be the third night i've brushed him. He loves it.
So i guess it's time to get on with it.
I'm off.
R.I.P. all those souls who were murdered in England....