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thats the cover art for his album, "Smash your head against the wall".  strange art work, starger music.
So welcome to the almost first day of summer 2017.  successful so far. went grocery shopping, spent more than i want to, got homd and said, whats for dinner. that always happens. so i didn't eat dinner after coming home from grocery shopping. ok ok. a candy bar tied me over. then today, 5/3 Riverbank run. pack the carton for the mailman's food pantry pick up.  I almost spelled pantry wront, so it would have been a very interesting and maybe amusing carton.  finished charging the lawn mower battery so i'll be doing that today. my neighbor came over and edged my sidewalk. yay. i went down there and swept the debrie away.  so it's going to be a fun packed weekend.
I"m off