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" Will it work??????"

I've been putting this off way too long. Tomorrow, I'm going to jury rig two pairs of RCA female connectors, and see if I can record my audio portion that are on my VHS tapes I have of my favorite anime, and stick it on my hard drive. From there, I'll place it on CD's. Cross your finger. Just think, the ending to "Outlaw Star", Big O's original theme, Gundam wing, Dragonball Z, and one of my favorite film music, "Ghost in the shell". Yeah.
Now if only it will work. Drat these built in audio components on these new mobo's. ( translation-mobo',= motherboard).
Golly, I also have oodles of vinyl records I would really like to burn cd's of. Some are out of press!
Go figure.
Now back to deciding if I want to watch " Finding Nemo".

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