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"It's a beautiful day.....the economy still sucks, but..."

Just heard a old friend just got layed off. yuck. Now whats a 40ist person to do? I can't wait till the fall when we elect somebody who can see and hear. Now that would be a change for the good.
I went in debt and got Adobe Acrobat 6.0. $259.95. yikes!!But hey, I use it about 12 times a day and it does save documents that need to be save. I also have been using version 5.0 like forever. I never seemed to have enough money to get it. But finally, push came to shove, I became a honest man. What a price.
Hey, its Ash Wednesday and I think my brother threw away my palm leaves. Now I had to fake it,but at least I had Holy +++ water. Now, what to give up for 40 days?
What to give up, why sin of course, but how to enter Lent? Give up women, wine, song, card games?? Hey, I don't do any of that anyway.
So, what are YOU giving up?

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