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yup. that icon is how i feel today.

my neighbor took me shoppin at  Kingmans and i got expensive ground beef for goulash: $6.00 per 1 1/2 lb. I got it on 30 days same as cash.!!!!
Well, I just made a major discovery about choosing the sex of my characters for SkyRIm: pick females! They rule. Males are the biggest bunch of whimps I"ve ever seen. The females are true fighters and are speedy too.  go figure.
so now my day is complete: fix goulash and then read the Sunday paper.
oh, and supposeingly, Leo Laport, the computer guy, will be on at 3PM to 6PM. and then at 9PM, Hearts of space. it's a great day in the neighborhood.
Leo is on 1300 Am local station woood.  Hearts of space is on WGVU 88.5.
a great day.
I'm off