Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

one more day, and they're headed for Japan.

this is about the same time i had planed on going, except i was thinking about just a tad later, so i could catch the cherry blosomes in ful blosome. ah......
Now if there were only a realistic way of living and moving to Japan. What a trip that would be.
My neighbor saw my problem yesterday with me throwing recyclebles into my trash cart: we had that terrible wind storm 3 weeks ago and i couldn't put the cart out for fear it wouls blow away. not a nice picture. so my neighbor took some stuff from the trash cart and put it into the recycle cart. it was all recycleble stuff, just i didn't have room for it in the cart. what a sweetie.
and maybe this was the last of the teen temp nights. yay.
ok, i'm off
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