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There, I put Priss back up.

she was getting lonely, since nobody is airing "Bubblegum Crisis" any longer. Too bad. A nice series you can wrap aound on a cold winters' night.
So today, i got no sleep in time: some furry critter meowed me awake, twice. nuts, even on a Saturday I get no respect. so here i am, at 9:34AM  sigh. i may fall asleep later on today, just about the time i do the laundry, per chance?
so here we are, heading towards the last four days of Februayr, and with it, ASH Wednesday, but first FAT TUESDAY. and later this month, Saint Patricks Day. YAY.   And viewing the Quiet Man. ah. March is my month.
well, it's Saturday, so all of you go out and enjoy.
I'm off.