Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

thats what it looks like over here today.

but no snow and it's 50's something. Now thats good. so much for that roden called gound hog!
But the reindeer weather is returning, by next week at this time i think. So i had this gloomy dream of where i was when like 11 years old and the neighborhood was picutred in grey and black and blue???
Somthing i ate? strange.
we slept in again today. i almost took a nap in my new chair last night. now that was a first. and the cat joined me in the other chair.  nice quiet evening.
today is cat litter box clean up day. Yay.
but, its just one of the things we responsible animal keepers must do to stay on their good side or fur.
ok, i'm off

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