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But a lot o LJ'ers have gone on to instangram and FaceBook.  or worse, Twitter. i guess if the mood strikes you.
I have good memories of just being on Usenews groups. That was fun.That's where i got the monicker "Ancientone".  Wow, now that really is going into the depths of my memories.  Being excited about seeing the latest epitsode of " Dragonball Z".  We don't seem to have a lot of that going on now days.
So my fun for a Friday night was watching " The Road to Partision". Can't believe they filmed part of that in South haven Michigan.  Hard to believe that was over 17 years ago.
So today is "HAPPY SATURDAY". so go out and have fun in the sun shine. Yay us. we don't have to wear fur pants today.
I'm off


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Feb. 18th, 2017 02:41 pm (UTC)
Actually, Dragonball Super is pretty awesome. They've listened to the fans and done a lot of the things I wish they'd done with the prior series.
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