Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, that was Valentines day.

and i didn't get any chocolates!!!  so thats what you think of me, huh?  well, just wait till Halloween comes around and you ask there all the pumpkins have gone to.
But i really didn't need any chocolates anyway. The cat allowed "us" to sleep in again today. it's only 27 degrees outside and feels colder than that.  and we had snow last night. gee, we're still having that?
The Amateur Radio net went well last night. same people checked in, but thats ok, it means they're listening. and I did have a lot of news to share. Today is roll out the cart. yuck. that means I'll have to put oh my heavy winter coat. yuckie again.
Well, hope your all still feeling loved after Valentines Day.
I'm off

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