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TGIS- but it's a soggy, grey Saturday.

and we're going to have rain, sleet and reindeers flying over head.  Well, thats what it feels like. Had a preasent surprize yesterday: my old swimming buddie and his daughter stopped by, with my dinner! A brorito from Taco Boy. YAY. I always like to take my time when I eat, specailly when its from Taco Boy. That saved me from cooking dinner. again, YAY me.
ah, life is good.
so today is kind of miss my favorite cartoon show, "Royal Academy" but I won't miss "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes" when it airs at 9AM tomorrow.  That basically is what i watch on TV now days. I gave up watching the news. hurts too much.
So, i should get going. Nothing is calling me.
I'm off