Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

now i ask you, how could any old man, make this young lad and his friend,

carry milk all over the country side?   grumpy teach i say!
So here we are, a cold, snowy Tuesday and I'm not a happy camper. after i get done with this, I'm off to shovel some snow. just think, a little over a week ago, I was going to wear my spring jacket to walk up to the anvenue, and no snow or ice. Today.....I guess winter is still among us.
now a question for you all: "How many of you use an electric pressure cooker?" .   What's your experience been using one?
just curious. I mainly use a slow cooker and am very happy with it. But saint patricks day is coming up, faster than you think, and with it, corn beef. yum. just gathering information from you.
well, i guess i can't delay shoveling any longer. nuts.  "Teach Roshi, save me....."
I'm off


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