Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, even if its a Saturday, schools in session. Thats my teacher above,

Master Roshi. oh boy.
So here we are, on a Saturday morning. and its a cold one and snowy too. But life is sweet with a hot cat and a mug of hot coffee. now if only they'd put on decent cartoons.
i was thinking of taking the bus down to cityy hall and get a bulk removal tag. they're expensive: $12,00 ir so. i can't get the correct prive from city hall, they have given me 3 different prices. but it will be gone this week. If it doesn't snow too bad, that is.  The weather people don't seem able to forecast byond  a few hours now days.  I'm a happy camper right now. now driveway to plow. YAY ME. but hard ground is'nt nice either, specially if it gets covered by ice.
So i guess i better get going and clean up after the cat.  He now wants to eat breakfast with me. not eat his own stuff, but drink my glass of water and snif my food. the nerve!
I'm off

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