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Except, they don't have any really good ones on any more. that icon above is "Ruff and Ready".  With professor gizmo and the beep beep robots, who didn't walk, but floated over the floor.  Not now.
and, they're on way too early for any self respecting kid to be up on a Saturday morning: 7AM!  I don't think so.
I was just looking up some old friends, mostly girlfriends, and found out oodles of them have moved out of state. way too many of them, to Florida. Now whats that about? But i was just curious about how they're been doing in life.  I guess i'll just have to stick to my imagination and hope they're all doing great and Thriving.
I'm on my last goal in getting healthy. I've lost so much weight and my pants size has reduced to the point, i'm worried about getting a new pair for fear i'll grow out of them?  I'm mean, grow into them? well something like that. hey, I've only had one cup of coffee and one cat snuggle on my lap.
But, it TGIF. so go out and party by feeding the squirrels and birds.
I'm off