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Scooter the cat decided that a tall glass of water should be spilled, all over the table, chairs, and finally, rest on the floor. Yay for the cat. There's nothing like cleaning up the floor and wiping up spilled water. But we're friends again and now he's policing the front window for invading cats and other outside critters.
So today is clean up Thursday and take it easy. I have a lot of carts to roll back up, here and across the street.  But oh, it got cold again. glad i walked up to the avenue Monday. Everything is lightly snow covered right now.
I was thinking of watching "A street car named desire". The original, not the copy. and perhaps , " on the water front".  Good flicks.
or, the original "Popeye" cartoons, before King syndicate got their mitts on it.
ok, time to roll up the carts. and freeze.
I'm off