Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yes, I'm a happy camper today. It's glorious Wednesday!

and we all know what that means, right?  Me neighter. Well, roll out the carts to the curb and hold the cat. The cat almost went to sleep on my lap. The nerve!  WHy can't i fall asleep on his lap?  because he doesn't have a lap?  Good point.
and we're getting ready for the return of winter. shovel is all ready as is the deicer. YAY.  let me do my happy dance on the weather dudes head!  So, for the important question of the day: to pizza or not to pizza, that is the question. can't make my mind up.  I had misal soup yesterday with tofu. I'm really acquireing a taste for that stuff. Now if only i can recall how to use chop sticks.
 They're fun to use.  and they have a etched cutting of a happy bear on each one.
ok, time to go and face the cold, almost snowy day.
I'm off

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