Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

i guess LJ is having problems. couldn't make an entry yesterday.

it was a fun day. i was actually called a "BIgot".  I guess i shouldn't present "FACTS" to folks who like alternative facts?
so much for that. Today is getting ready for the 2nd Ham radio net tonight.  at lease now i think i know how to operate this radio. I think.
Mr.Arthritis has left for now. I think its the crazy weather. first, we go up to 60, now 40 and dropping and yes, S.N.O.W. is on the way, but no artic front.
For a kick, I listened to "SuperTramp", take the long way home, and others. I'm glad i was born when i was. Wow, I wouldn't trade all that experience music growth for anything in the world.  From "Hot top 40" to progressive rock from WABC New York. Great memories.
Now, what to talk about on the Net tonight. "Why is there air?"  Naw, we've had that one on another clubs' repeater.  Pull the old thinking hat on.
ok, time to pants shop.  yuck. Levi's,  yes. maybe. But what size. I'm dropping sizes at this point. But it's great to be on the way down. finally.
ok, I'm off  ( to answer the question from some of you, i got that catching little phase from a friend in England. If you get on a bus, they might say, "Roll up", and when you get to your stop, " Your off")

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