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well, if you've ever dropped a light bulb on Sunday morning and it smashed and you swoar till you hear it up the street. Thats what it felt like. but, had no choice. I couldn't leave it. not with feet bringing it into the house with a bare foot cat. He must be tired. he actually layed down on my lap today. I thought he might actually fall asleep on my lap.
So welcome to so-so Sunday. cloudy and its going to rain.
my life is getting up. I'm finally getting accepting all the deaths I've had in my life.  Just wait till you get a tad older, you'll know what i mean! But I'm still talking to my cat. and I'm listening to the advice he gives me. Pretty good stuff too.  But i don't pay any attention to him when he tells me to start dating by climbing up a fence and start meowing at midnight. I don't think that will work for me.
desidsions: should i get a new pair of pants now, or wait a few months till i lose more???
the cat just stares at me.
oh well.
I'm off