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That means it's DATE night, if you get lucky ( as Mae West said, " Honey, Luck had nothing to do with it) or, if your like me, snuggle up with your cat and watch a Roger Corman movie. One of his ignored classics, like not of this earth, some other low budget film.
To celebrate TGIF, I'm going grocery shopping. "YAY"  I get to watch out for the folks who use those electric carts try and run over me, and whatever you do, stay away from any table that has a sign that harks, "SALE".  You'll never make it out alive!
So what should i get, besides the cats stuff? ( acording to the cat, nothing else matters)  Hmmm. got to ponder that for a while.
Seeing how the scales do indicate that i've lost weight, i think i'll celebrate by getting a whole gallon of chocolate ice cream, herseys syrup, Ripple potato  chips and french onion dip and cherry coke cola. "Now thats the way to celebrate losing weight, if i do say so myself, and i just did".
Ok, enjoy the un-seasonaly warm weekend and get ready for NEXT weekend.
I'm off