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I'm losing weight, but more importantly, waise size. Thats a weire phenominon: the scales don't really show a huge wight lost, but you can feel the reduction in the sides of your body. Thats ok, except when you realize you have to buy new shirts, pants and yes, shoes ( i wont mention unmentionbles, because this is a family post)  But I did this because it was time. I had used overeating long enought. it did its job. now i'm on my own. i quit smoking, i'm not dating anything breathing and i look forward to holding a cat on my lap.  I'M SICK!!!!!!!
or not.
Oh, this is Happy Wednesday. everything is melting away and while i love the ice free sidewalk and roads, I hate what is about to befall us next week at some time.  Winter is still here.
Ok, talking about railroad trains, i have this friend who has to take a 30 minute train ride every day. Is this lucky or what. I can remember the 2 times i road on a train: the first time was a steam locomotive, what a kick!! and the second time was a diesel from Grand Rapids to Chicago. another kick. I love trains!.
ok, I'm off


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Jan. 18th, 2017 05:04 pm (UTC)
when I start to work I will have to use the train every day as well..
actually I do most traveling via trains.. so prefer them to any other way of traveling.
but I never was in a steam one.. that sounds awesome!
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