Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

one of my super heros, priss from BubbleGum Crisis

So now we're headed for a January thaw. Ha Ha Ha. then right back into the deep freeze. i love Michigan and it's unpredictable weather. Yay us.
So today is Happy Monday.  "are you Happy?"  why??  Just curisous. I'm faking Blue Monday syndrome myself, just to keep up with the neighbors.
Strange week: today is Martin Lurther Kings celebration, and Friday we have the coronation of King Donald. Strange week. Stranger yet is the divided country. now that could drive you absolutely crazy trying to figure that one out.
but enough about nasty stuff. It's Happy Monday. I may go get a haircut. maybe. and go to kingmans for a dozen sunrise eggs. yum.
Ok, I'm off.

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