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Funny, why is it, the guys always think about what their ex-girlfriends are up to, but you never hear about ex-girlfriends thinking the same thing?   Do you suppose it has to do with DNA?  Just wondering out loud. You can also subsitute significant friend instead of ex-girl/boy friend. Now I don't know why i just thought of this, but i did.  I read Calvin & Hobbs, and presto, it popped into my head. Funny how ideas come into focus.
So now it is "HAPPY SATURDAY". Yay. you all know what that means......naw, me neither. But its a nice thought.
Now, as to why I keep making mistake in writting: I'm using a new ergonomic keyboard, and my hands slide off the keyboard when i'm typing. but it is fast when i do type. now thats a good thing.
ok, I'm off