Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's TGIF. finally

Yes, the BIG weekend is fast approaching. all we have to do is get beyond Friday The 13th. and jason. We can do it.  Then sleding, sking and slipping and falling flat on our YOU-KNOW-What. ah....Winter is finally giving us its' best shot.
I have laundry to do today and then un-stick the trash cart lid: the water froze on the cart; couldn't open it till i hit it.
i had a pretty eventful week. I got my Udon soup bowls. they're nice,  thin, and not too heavy, just right for holding udon noodles.   and my little tea pot. i'll give it a try tonight. Wow, me a tea tottlere???
we'll see.
 ok, I'm off

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