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"Yay!' Dancing joyful cat is back.

and it's only Tuesday. it's almost 3 times the temp is was over the weekend. we'll be close to 45 by 4PM. YAY. i shouldn't have to shovel anything today. ah...
So today is type up the minutes and clean off the radio stand. boo hoo. yuck. the minutes are ok, but the dusty stand: yuckie poo.
oh well., such is a days work. I'm looking forward to tonights last presidential speech by President Obama. this will probably be the last speech that makes any sense coming out of Washington. for at least 4 years, or less.
I've been feeling what the rheumatologist called "The last stages of Ankylosing SPonodylitis".  I don't like it. I almost dread to go to sleep at night, not knowing if i'll be able to get out of bed when i wake up. I've heard of stifness, but this is ridiculous.  enought complaining, but really, i'm just sharing an intimate moment in my life. Now if I were dating, i bet I'd have your full attention. Tee Hee.
ok, I'll quit.
I'm off ( in more ways than one)