Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, obvisouly, i still am feeling like a kid today.

Today is happy to stay inside day. it's cold, about 12 degrees outside, it quit snowing but whatever my two neighbors cleared away yesterday, is already covered.  The cat and a bad dream i had woke me up at 8:30AM today.  Strange dream. second day i've had it too. you don't think it a vision of things to come, do you? For two days straight, i've had this dream where the local pharpmacy had left there front doors open and a radio was playing, but the lights were all turned off. Now is that weire or what. something i ate?? not for two days in a row.
Today, I'm celebrating "HAPPY SUNDAY", but cooking a roast i got at the local grocery store. They had a deal on it: 30 days same as cash!  I couldn't refuse.
It's read the Sunday paper and the Missal. Yay. great way to start off the day.
ok, I'm off, but happy. ( with a cat in my lap)

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