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Yes, its Bubblegum Crisis viewing time.

I just watched "Elfen Lied", for like the 3rd time. I really like that series. and what with the temp outside being 7 degrees, i thought it would be nice to pick a nice series to watch while I'm hibernating. for however long that takes.
Today i already had one appointment cancelled.  She was fearful of the slippery "black ice" on the roads. I do not blame her. She's smart and making wise judgements.  me and the cat tried to sleep in, but no go. just too cold outside. it is cold outside, but i can tell from everything going on around me that the temp is effecting oodles. ( this is a technical word i learned to use)
So today, is clear the driveway the best i can before my face and hands freeze, then go get grocery's and then the club meeting tonight. ah......oh, did i mention i decided to format my PlayStation ? I did. i had a corrupted softward instruction and is wasn't getting fixed by itself. so.......3 1/2 hours later....it played differently?? hmmm.  of course, i lost my level 61 and now am back at Rich D'.s level 1. boo hoo. oh well.
So now here I go. starting 2017 off with a whimper....
I'm off