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So much for planterary good will.  The cat woke me up today to tell me, or rather, to let me feel how cold it is today:17degrees. yuck. and we've got a whole winter left of this .of course, this is roll out the cart day. YAY ME. I get to get dressed up like i'm an artic explorer. and, while i'm all dressed up, i should go and get a hair cut.  if it aint one thing....
I did not watch the news last night. YAY me. i wonder if i can keep that up for however long it needs to be??
but, the good side to today, i don't really need to shovel snow. YAY ME.
So, Happy Wednesday is here. hoorah for us.  Lets see, how to plan on dinner on a cold winters night?  How about Canadian Habitate pea soup??  Miso soup with tofu? or roast beef hash?   you guess.
ok, I'm off