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Guess who's computers power supply blew up tonight?

Yeahs.....Gosh I like re-inventing my computer every blasted 3 weeks. Lets this rate, I'll never be finished putting it together. Tonight, in a calm moment ( one must watch out when I'm calm after experiencing watching my BRAND NEW ANTEC $100.00 computer case w/ PS blow up- stand back!) I actually gave consideration for planing on building "THOR-1".

When I majored in computer science at university, our professor had a nick name for our vastly over price main frame: ZERO. That was because thats about the only thing it could not do, divide by zero. Well, that moniker stuck, and all three of my computers have been called zero 1 , zero 2 and this baby, zero 3. For my next computer, I decided to change everything. "Thor-1". a dual processor, AMD Opteron 64 bit machine.
But my next machine may have to wait. Gee, I only have life to deal with for right now.
If I wanted to be this miserable, I would have gotten married!

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