Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

7 degrees is way too cold for only December 19th.

But, on the lighter side, we're supposed to have 40 degrees on Christmas with rain????
Wow, Cindy Stowell. 5 days straight. "Go Girl, Go!".   and mine pizza delivery dude stopped and wished me a "Happy Christmas" and Merry New years!   I got that wrong , didn't i. See, what happens when the cat gets me up way too early on a cold morning. my brain is still froze and sleeping. I think.
So today is starting to shovel out the driver way. yuck. Plastic shovels do not do well on cement like snow blocks. But it has to be done.
Hope your all doing well and sickness free. it is that time of year.
Ok, I'm off

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