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I should talk, i had the same problem but luckyly found it.  Now that was one cold night and morning. right now, it is 10 degrees outside. don't know what the windshield temp is, but it must be in doulble digits.
The cold and the cat, working together, got me to sleep in till 9:45 AM today. now thats unuseal.  My neighbor snow blowed a path in my driveway for me and the mailman. now that was really nice of him.
Today is really stay inside Monday. I do not have the gear to protect me from the cold. i once did, but not now.
Cindy Stowell in on Jeapody tonight. I can't wait. go girl, go.  She's a bright light, lighting up a dull sky.
well, time to check on the kitty's box. ugh.
ok, I'm off.