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oh boy, it is cold outside. 10 degrees

But with a hot water bottled "CAT", sitting on my lap. I'm toasty and comfy. ah......i knew i was missing something when i just had a white furry Samoyed. it was a little fur ball called a cat. yes, it was cold last night and oh, the howling wind. wow. but a week from now it will almost like spring???
I watched Cindy stowel on Jepordy last night. Now she is one smart gal. Though, i got the question almost right on steinbeck. yay me.
Today,i will have to brave the bitter cold and go out and shovel the 2 inches of snow we received last night, plus the blowing snow. and roll the carts back up, if they have been emptied.
Ah, it is such fun to be an adult. gosh, i remember as a kid couldn't wait to "grow up", so i could become an adult.  "What an idiot i was!"  Stay a kid, in heart, soul and mind and whatever you find fun.
ok, I'm off