Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Good morning LJ people ( actually, good friends of mine)

PUt that big smile on your face and greet the day!  I saw Cindy on Jeapody ( I can't spell worth a hill of beans!) last night. That renewed my faith in people doing great and wonderful things for other people. I haven't actually watched the "Merv Giffins" Tv shows since around 1988 or so.The shows have changed, but the MC's are still the same loveable people. Except for Vanna White. Wow, why did she ever lose weight? Goodness. But her smile is Recognizable.
Today, i have to attempt to roll out two carts for trash and recycle pickup tomorrow. and the weather surely isn't cooperating. 17 degrees and snowing and blowing. burrrr.
BUt i did say and order snow, didn't i. Idiot!
ok, I'm off

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